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Our team has over 40 years of venture capital experience and a long history of investing and managing venture funds. The Managing Members of MK Capital have managed six venture funds and over $300 million of capital in the past twelve years. Each member of the MK Capital team has previously been an entrepreneur and manager. As a result, each team member has substantial operating experience and a proven track record of helping small business grow successfully. We have advised dozens of companies as board members in a variety of economic cycles, industries, and stages of development. Each team member plays an active role both in the Fund's investment activities and in assisting portfolio companies.

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Karen Buckner

Karen is a Partner and Chief Operating Officer at MK Capital. Karen leads the firm’s education technology investment practice. Karen has initiated and managed several venture investments for the Productivity Fund III and the Productivity Fund IV and served as a public equity research analyst in emerging markets at First Analysis Corporation. Her areas of expertise include operational management and business and financial analysis. Prior to founding MK Capital, Karen served as Vice President of Operations at I-Works, a venture-backed internet services company, where she was responsible for building the organization and its related infrastructure. Karen currently sits on the board of directors of Apex Learning and eSpark Learning. Karen is a graduate of the University of Michigan and Kellogg’s Graduate School of Management. Karen can be reached at kbuckner@mkcapital.com.